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Need A Local Real Estate Attorney, Try Ours!

So you have found your dream vacation or retirement home in the Costa Maya, and now you are ready to buy it, … but okay, what do you do now? Not many choices to help with your purchase, so many … Continue reading

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New Artisan Tequila at the Tropicante in Costa Maya Mahahual

By now, most know the Tropicante is the place to go in the Costa May/Mahahual area for micro-brew beers and artisan spirits, with Xcalak’s Mango Moonshining Company products as our local signature products. However, our search to find unique artisan … Continue reading

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Flipping Out In Nuevo Mahahual !!

Real estate speculators always look for specific variables in an area before they purchase a project, but simply put, they look for places that are cheap, that they can improve, and sell for a profit. But it takes more than … Continue reading

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BOTB: Welcome to Mahahual, Slick Woody Pedigrew!

The Boys saw him the first day and just ignored him like they do any other cruise ship tourist that isn’t wearing a skimpy bathing suit, and young enough to be their daughter. He sat quietly at the table next … Continue reading

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Dia de Los Muertos, Day of the Dead. A Wonderful Mexican Tradition

This is a blog of I published 3 years ago, but I thought might be good for re-blogging today.   Okay, I’m going to confess, holidays are not my thing. Of course its nice getting to take the day off, … Continue reading

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High Season Is Almost Here … Finally!

Another low season has come and gone, and finally, another fun-filled Costa Maya high season is upon us again! Finally, I say, because low season is the time of year when our little “paradise” ain’t so much like paradise really. … Continue reading

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A Local View Of The US Travel Alert For Quintana Roo

Since the US travel warning was placed on Quintana Roo this week, I have been emailed, private messaged, called, you name it, all wanting to know, “what the heck is going on down there”. Well here in Mahahual/Costa Maya, the … Continue reading

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