New at the Tropicante, Tres Cruces Triple Distilled, Clear Anejo. Muy Rico!

All who know me, know this very well. But for those who don’t, full disclosure requires I say, I really like good tequila. I don’t mean that awful “salt-lime-shoot and puke” stuff we drank in college, you know, before we all got jobs and made enough money to actually buy good booze. And I don’t mean I like to drink it until I fall over either. Along with cheap tequila, I gave that up many years ago too. (I think that had something to do with getting a job as well) But a nice glass of really good tequila, at just the right time, is special, and I would argue, every bit as nice, or nicer, than any fine scotch or bourbon. And now my friends at the Tres Cruces Distillery of Jalisco have really out done themselves, and introduced their new triple distilled, white anejo, and it is definitely, something very special!

A few months ago we introduced you to Tres Cruces artisan tequilas and liqueurs, and they began to sell their products from our location at the Tropicante. Read more about that here. Victor Cruz, the eastern distributor of the Tres Cruces products, had been telling us about a new surprise for weeks, and finally it came. I was hoping that the Tres Cruces bikini team was coming to visit, but I have to admit, I might have gotten something even better.

The latest rage in tequila is to triple distill an aged tequila, making it clear, and silky smooth. For some though, these new clear anejos are just too smooth. The first time I drank one, that is exactly what I said. The process removes most of the flavor of the barrel, which for any lover of aged spirits, is just wrong. But as I worked my way through my first bottle on Don Julio clear anejo, I began to “get it”, and my opinion of a clear anejo began to change. The agave flavor was still there, but the process left a more floral flavor, and much less oak. I finally had to admit, it was different, but still, really great. Special even! And yes, maybe even better than the Tres Cruces bikini team.

So when Victor unveiled the new Tres Cruces Cristalino, their new clear anejo, I was all over it. And just like his entire line of hand crafted, artisan tequilas, this new anejo again demonstrates the difference between a really fine production tequila, like Don Julio, and a true, hand crafted, artisan one. Move over 3 Generations and Don Julio, there is a new top shelf, triple distilled, clear anejo that now sets the standard.

Just like all the other products Tres Cruces makes, each barrel of Cristalino is monitored and tested, and bottled only when it is perfect. And when you taste it, I’m very sure, you will agree. The flavor has a smooth, and somewhat fruity flavor, with just a hint of the oak we all also like. Of course, any lover of fine scotch or bourbon will love it, but even someone who seldom enjoys a spirit, can like sipping this really fine, smooth tequila.

So when you are in Costa Maya, if you like tequila, stop in the Tropicante and sample some of the Tres Cruces’ products. Scotch and bourbon drinkers, treat yourself and sample the extra anejo. Nothing better than the taste of agave, and the white oak flavor that 48 months will give a spirit. And even if you don’t like tequila, try the new Cristalino. You might find you like tequila a lot more than you think.


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1 Response to New at the Tropicante, Tres Cruces Triple Distilled, Clear Anejo. Muy Rico!

  1. Debbie says:

    We will see you in Two and a half weeks. Can’t wait to try this!

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