How To Do A Remote Villa Beach Vacation In the Costa Maya/Mahahual

The whole house viewed from the sea

Villa Casona Palms

About A Half Hour From Mahahual, 5 Hours From Cancun,  And What Feels Like A Million Miles From Nowhere!!

Everyone dreams of that private, remote, beautiful beach vacation, where you lay in the hammock all day at your villa and not see a soul, only getting out to get another cold Corona from the fridge, perhaps a swim in your private, clear and tranquil piece of ocean, or maybe just to turn the lobster you shot that morning that is roasting on the grill.

casona-palms-beach    casona-palms-bbq

The Beach At Villa Casona Palms and A Great Place To Grill The Day’s Catch

Where you can waste away your days, far from the crowds of the the Riviera Maya, fishing and snorkeling one of the many reefs that protect your perfect, white sandy beach. A villa where you, and a few of your very best friends or family, can have that quiet, relaxing and remote Caribbean jungle beach experience you’ve always dreamed about, but never do.

Tucan close  103_2312

A villa with toucans in the trees, starfish in the water and iguanas lounging in the sun, but also has high speed internet, pillow top mattresses and all the luxury finishes.

casona-palms-sunrise casona-palms-kitchen-2

Sunrise At The Villa Casona Palms

Then you snap out of it and say, no way am I doing a remote beach vacation, and you end up at one of those canned, all inclusive Cancun resorts once again. Remote is way too far out of your comfort zone. Well, dream again, because I’m about to tell you all you need to know about how to vacation remote in Costa Maya/Mahahual.

The first thing that causes so many to not even consider a remote vacation is personal safety concerns. If I watched the US media, I’d have the same concerns. All medias do whatever it takes to keep you watching and buying the products they get paid to sell you. Its all about selling something and it is usually not accurate information they use to get you to watch. You should hear what the Mexicans think about security in the US, watching their media and your Hollywood! They think cops shoot you for nothing and the entire country is like a Vin Diesel movie.

The fact is, personal safety is not a concern when you are in almost all of Mexico, and especially in our area. Almost all violent crime in Mexico is drug related, and isolated to a few hundred mile strip along the US border, and a few transport arteries from both the east and west coast. People who are not involved in that business, are very seldom victims of the violence it brings. Statistically, you are far safer in almost all of Mexico’s urban areas than you are in comparably sized US cities. If you really want to have a safe vacation, leave the US and come to Mexico. Far safer!

Okay, so you know you will be safe, but what about those who just are not comfortable driving in Mexico? Fair enough really. Mexicans are the worst drivers to begin with. I always thought driver’s education was something we did to keep 15 year olds off the streets in the US, but it seems it really was for more than that. Drive in a country with 100 million drivers and not a one has taken driver’s ed if you don’t believe me! It’s wild! The cops, all poorly paid, are trying to make up for it by “negotiating” fines on the side of the road, usually for DWG, driving while gringo, and that always sucks too. And don’t get me started on the rip off guys at the gas stations. If you don’t know their games, and those guys know every trick in the book, they will get you for $5 or $10 bucks every time. But at the end of the day, all are harmless, the drive from Cancun to Mahahual is really a very safe and easy drive. No banditos, no cartel guys and nobody to hurt you in any way. Just a few scammers.

Q Roo Map

The drive from Cancun is along a straight highway, a new and clearly marked roadway that goes from the mouth of the airport, to the turn to Mahahual, about 25 miles from town. That last half hour drive is on a paved and shouldered state road. About 1/3 of the drive is through urban Riviera Maya, and the last 2/3rds through the jungle that lines the Caribbean oceanfront you’ll drive parallel to, but never see. It is very easy and safe. Click here for a detailed description of that drive.

I know there are a few who still say, no I don’t want to do that drive. Okay, let us. Having a private driver pick you up at the airport and drive you direct to your villa is really the most fun, and best way to do a remote trip no matter. Most beach houses are set up to accommodate groups, which private shuttle vans can do cost effectively, and some can even do a “Fun” trip that includes stops for lunch, shopping or to even snap a photo. Combine it with local taxi vans for a few trips into town during the week, and sometimes it is cheaper to let someone else do the driving for you.

AGI w sign DSC03039

A Fun bus is what we call a bus trip that turns the long drive down into just another Fun part of the vacation. For some, it is using the local tourist class bus system, and spending a night or two in places like Playa Del Carmen, or Tulum, to enjoy a bit of fun along the way and break up the long trip. That’s one Fun way to break up the trip. Click here for a detailed blog on that trip. 

A Fun trip can also be a local transport that picks you up at the airport and makes the drive down just another fun day of your vacation, instead of a grind. They can provide cold beverages along the way, stop for lunch and a swim, or even a little shopping in an authentic Mayan market along the way. They get you to your beach house the same day, and make it a fun one in the process. And for some, it is a cheaper, and for all, a more relaxing way to get to your remote vacation villa.

I’ll use Villa Casona Palms as the example of what I mean. This villa can sleep 6 to 8 people, so a larger vehicle would be required to transport that many people. Rental on a mini-van, with proper insurance, will be between $700 and $800 US dollars a week. By the time you include the gas, your cost for a week will get to around $1,000. An AGI round trip Fun shuttle, curb to curb is about $800. If we have a taxi round trip you into town twice at $60 each, you are still only $920 for transportation, and I didn’t include the money the gas station guys ripped you off for or the extra the cop fined you for DWG.

Also not sure you want to shop where you don’t know what’s in the stores? No problem. Send us the list and we can do all that and have it waiting when you arrive. Because we run a local restaurant, our connection to the local food and beverage network is pretty good, so we have access to most of what people want for their week’s stay. From fresh local fruits, vegetables and tortillas, to meats, dry goods, beers and liquors. You send us a list, and we will follow up with availability, prices and suggested changes for available options on things we can’t get. Most lists end up costing about what you pay in the US, with the delivery included, and it is delivered to your villa before you arrive. We coordinate with the property’s caretakers, who stock items in the refrigerator or shelves as needed. When you arrive, you feel just like you’re home. Except with a better view.

And just because you are remote, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy almost any amenity or fun from your location. We just bring the fun to you. It costs a little more than you pay in town, but when you compare to what you pay in the US, it’s still usually a great deal. Diving, spear fishing, deep sea or fly fishing, relaxation massage, and even gourmet meals, can all be arranged for almost any remote location.

casona-palms-1 casona-palms-greatroom

Villa Casona Palms is a great example of a remote vacation home in our area. Almost all the remote accommodations are off the grid and have solar and diesel generated power. Most are open air, with designs that maximize the prevailing winds that, when combined with a few fans here and there, make for a very comfortable little piece of paradise. All have modern appliances like stoves, refrigerators and even microwaves, but no coffee makers or blow dryers. And, most have internet or even satellite TV. Remote doesn’t have to mean rustic and crappy anymore.

casona-palms-kitchen-1 casona-palms-br

No Roughing It At Villa Casona Palms!

Vacationing remote is not for everyone. But it probably is for a lot more people than actually do. You really can get away from the crowds, with miles of sparsely inhabited beautiful white sandy beaches, and clear pristine Caribbean waters, and do so safely and for not too much money. Yes, you really can do one of those lay in your hammock, stroll your remote beach and frolic in your private waters dream vacations, just like Tarzan and Jane, except with a private driver, a pillow a top mattress and internet. No sense roughing it too much!

Contact us when you want to plan your remote vacation and we’ll keep your drinks cold until you get here.


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