Remote Bicycle Trips Now Available From Downtown Mahahual

george-pouring-compadre-2     jorge-with-chick

Jorge, taking his service wherever it needs to go!

Every day at the Tropicante restaurant, my go-to-guy, when I really need something to get done, is always my concierge, Jorge Lagunes. He has been with me a long time, helping our guests always get what they need and making sure their day is one to remember. Because of that, he has become a bit of a “rock star” himself that all now remember, almost as much as the vacation day itself. He helps our guests with setting up snorkel and fishing trips, paddle boards, banana boat rides, hair braids, temporary tattoos, used cars, whatever! Okay, he really doesn’t sell used cars, but he does now also rent bicycles, almost as good, and if you know used cars in Mexico, much more dependable!


$10 US Per Hour or $30 For All Day

Jorge now has brand new flatland cruisers for rent by the hour, or by the day. These bikes are made and geared for easy peddling on flat roads, just like our malecon and beach road that goes out of town to the south remote beach areas. Whether you just ride for a half hour each way, or spend the entire day, a ride out the south beach road is a very fun and safe way to enjoy a beach day in Mahahual.

S Majahual beach 1

The Beach At Hotel Maya Luna

The ride is safe and nobody will ever bother you as you enjoy your ride, except for maybe a local beach dog who “owns” a particular stretch of road, and no worry, is always all bark and no bite! You’ll pass small fisherman’s huts, with clothes hanging on lines, and the smell of grilled snapper in the air, with most giving a smiling face and a wave as you pass. And all along the road will be jungle foliage, full of birds, flowers and no telling what sorts of wildlife. The beaches are endless and totally natural. Take a camera, because you’ll need it.

103_2312 Tucan close

The beach road is a hard packed sand that runs south out of town and connects to the downtown malecon. It runs for about 15 miles before a burned bridge over a mangrove river ends the road that once connected Mahahual to Xcalak, via beach. (The bridge burned coincidentally right after the port came in and was feared to be the end of the tranquility the locals in Xcalak wanted to keep very badly?? Everyone in Xcalak says they saw nothing!) No matter, that is much further than most would bicycle in a day anyway. Given there is a lot to see and do along the way, most won’t make it too far at all for that matter.

mahahual-beach-road-3 mahahual-beach-road

Remote Beach Roads

As you leave town, there are a few new beach clubs you can stop and have a beer along the way the first mile or so if you work up a fast thirst. After that, it is an occasional little boutique hotel here and there, and a few private homes scattered about, and the rest is raw Caribbean beaches. You can park your bikes anywhere and stop for a swim or some beach combing anyplace along the way you like. When you get thirsty, those little hotels often have small bars that will have something cold and and a shady spot to sit for a bit and rest.

Let us know ahead, and we can prepare picnic lunches from the Tropicante, with cold drinks, that you can pack right on the bikes. We can even set you up with your own private beach at one of our friend’s places along the way. Stop and see Dave’s micro homes about 3 miles out, and perhaps get him to take you for a sail on his boat, or join him on the guitar for a song or two. Or enjoy a fun Tarzan and Jane day at Jungle Suzi’s private little beach if you can peddle another mile or so. She makes a great margarita but be careful, you still have to peddle back!

DSC00678 34571319[2]


So if you want to get away from the crowds and do a fun bike ride, let us or Jorge know. You can shuttle into the town to the Tropicante and from there, you’re off and on your way. When you return, the taxis are right there once you drop the bikes and it is just a 3-4 minute ride back to the port. If you want to reserve a bike for the day, it is best to do that in advance. If you just want to ride for an hour around town and along the malecon, you can usually just walk up and get a bike for that, although reservations ahead for that are also welcome.


$10 US Per Hour or $30 For All Day


So when you’re ready a fun adventure exploring the Costa Maya’s south beach road, let us know, and Jorge will fix you up for a great day. Bike, food, drinks, whatever you need to make your day perfect. Hurry, we’ll be keepin’ your drinks cold. Cheers!

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4 Responses to Remote Bicycle Trips Now Available From Downtown Mahahual

  1. Marsha Whalen says:

    How much does Dave charge for a sail boat ride?

  2. Becky MacLeod says:

    Just the site I was looking for when trying to figure out about biking in Costa Maya! We may be bringing our own folding bikes, but my friends may want to rent bikes from Jorge. Does he still rent them and are they in good condition? We’ll be coming in on a cruise on Tuesday, February 26.

    • Yes, Jorge still rents bikes and the south beach road is a fun ride. His bikes are in good shape, but are single speed cruiser type. They do pretty good though on the sand roads because it is flat. Very flat! Send me a note if your friends want bikes and I can have Jorge save you a couple. He rents them from the Tropicante though, so they would need to taxi into town and get them. You guys could ride in or put the bikes in the trunk and ride in with them. Taxi is $8 for 2 to 4 people, so it is the same price on that. We are south of the pier, so it is on the way out of town. Thanks for reading the blog and let me know if they need bikes.

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