Get Hawg Wild and Ride to Mahahual!

Motorcycle riders, like everyone else, love the beach and come here often. When they come to Mahahual, they usually have to fly in and leave their bikes at home though. After the drive down, through the Riviera Maya area, then the jungles and villages along highway 307 through the central part of the state, and finally through the wetland into Mahahual, they always say, “how cool would that drive had been on my bike.” Well guess what? You can do it, and you don’t need to drive your bike all the way here to enjoy it either. Just contact my buddy Randy, the owner of Steel Horse Harley Davidson Rental Service in Play Del Carmen, and he will get you set up. Just send him a note and scream ROAD TRIP!!

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If you are visiting the Riviera Maya, and would like to bike down and see the Mahahual area, it can be done as a day trip or an over-nighter, depending on how much stop and play time you want. Randy also does tours of the area for day trips if you want someone who knows the area to lead the way. He is a fellow Texan, and the only guy I’ve ever seen walking on 5th Avenue with blue leans, a wife-beater T-shirt, cowboy hat and work boots. He’s also a big dude, which in land of short people, allows him to stand out even more. He’s real Texas hospitality though, and he knows his Harleys. He sold them in Northern Mexico for many years and decided he would come to paradise and just rent them now because, as he says, “its a lot more fun.”

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Steel Horse Has Many Models … Take Your Pick

So here is what you need to know about a bike trip to Mahahual before you start to plan your trip. The actual drive time on the road, from Randy’s shop in Playa Del Carmen to Mahahual, takes about 3 hours, so the round trip will take about 6 hours of your day. The rental day at Steel Horse starts at 8:00 AM and bikes need to be back by 6:00 PM. That is a 10 hour day, which leaves 4 hours to be used for stops and time in Mahahual. For some that is not enough so we say just spend the night in one of the little hotels in Mahahual, and we can of course help you find that. There is a lot to see and enjoy on the way down that makes taking your time worth the extra day of bike rental. Hop on and we’ll show you.

If you do the two day trip, a stop in Tulum is a good place for the first stop, and perhaps enjoy some food at one of the many restaurants along the main highway. The downtown developed along the main highway you’ll travel on to Mahahual, Carretera 307, so stopping anyplace in town is easy. Great shopping in Tulum too. The ride from Playa to Tulum is about 50 minutes.

map yucatan

After Tulum, the road will narrow to two lanes as you head into the jungle part of the ride. The road is new, well paved and marked, with hard shoulders all the way. The first 50 minute drive is through jungle with lots of birds and butterflys. When the road was built about 8 years ago, curves were softened and nicely done, so the road is really nice for a bike ride. There are some very small villages scattered every 15 minutes or so that require you slow down and some have small stores with cold drinks and packaged snacks. If your lucky, they might have a family specialty they sell, like tacos or sopes. About 50 minutes from Tulum, is the only city of any size you’ll travel through the rest of the way, Felipe Carillo Puerto.

cafetos tulum shops

Downtown Tulum

Take the main highway into the center of the town, and another good stop to stretch is the old market in the centro. FCP is a real Maya working town, and this is a Mom and Pop market area, there mainly for the largely agricultural economy of the area. There is also some really fun and interesting stuff to be found on a stroll through. There is a small parking lot at the round about in the center of town, and that is entry into the local produce market. The entire area about 2 blocks around that, is considered the market area, so go through those streets and check out the shops. All the little stores sell ice cream bars and there are little places that sell ice cold fruit waters that are really great and refreshing. Lots of cut and bagged fruits you can enjoy while you walk.

carrillo puerto

Downtown Felipe Carrillo Puerto

Once back on the road, it is about another 45 minutes to the turn to Mahahual. There is a small village, Lemones, about 4 km before the turn, and there is a huge sign at the turn, so no worry, you won’t miss it. From there it is 55 km and about a half hour drive into Mahahual. Wetland and wetland jungle area, so there are lots of birds; raptors, cranes, spoonbills and such. A real treat if you are a birder.

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Just before you get to the town’s signature lighthouse, turn right, and that takes you to the center of the downtown oceanfront area. Park by the basketball dome and you’ll be right in the middle of the town. If you just come for lunch and a swim, walk to the Tropicante and enjoy a couple hours of great food and the best beach in Quintana Roo. If you are staying the night, there are lots of little hotels, so tell your concierge what you are wanting and they’ll get that set up.

harley tour

If you enjoy riding your bike on a nice road trip through the country side back home, you’ll very much enjoy the ride to Mahahual. Contact Randy through their site here or visit his shop on 5th Avenue, between 38th and 40th. He has lots of good info on that page about renting in Mexico as it pertains to safety, insurance and so forth. Ask about having him give you a tour for the ride too. He knows the area and comes to Mahahual often himself. Tell him we say hi too.

Bikin’ and beaches, you gotta love it!

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