New ADO Bus to From Cancun to Mahahual and Update on all Mahahual Bus and Shuttle Info

Update January 30 2016

ADO has again added another bus into Mahahual, as well as a new wrinkle in the airport trip, making another update needed. Now, there is a bus from the Cancun central station at 6:45 AM, 3:30 PM and 10:15 PM. It stops in Playa Del Carmen and has departure times from there an hour later, and Tulum another hour later. Those buses arrive in Mahahual at about 11:30 AM, 8:00 PM and 3:00 AM respectively. All the buses arrive in the downtown and stop next to the taxi portal on Calle Sierra. Buses leave from that same spot each day and return to Cancun at 7:00 AM, 10:15 AM and 5:00 PM. A new twist has been added to this return route though, so pay attention!

You still can’t bus direct from the airport to Mahahual. You must go to Playa Del Carmen and catch the southbound bus from Cancun. However, on the return from Mahahual, if you want the driver to drop you at the airport, buy a ticket to Cancun and then tell the driver to drop you at the airport and he will do that as they pass by. This is one of those common sense things that someone finally realized … if the bus drives right by the airport entrance/exit, why not add 10 minutes to the route and service the airport as well. Just remember to buy your ticket to Cancun and not Playa Del Carmen. Thanks ADO!!

They are still using the small sprinter buses, so buy your tickets early when you can, because they sometimes fill. Because of that, it is always best to have a “plan B”, so knowing about the second class buses that also work out of the Cancun and PDC depots is a good thing as well, so again, pay attention! You might thank me later.

Mayab buses, the primary second class bus company in the area, leave about every hour and travel up and down highway 307, the main travel artery that goes from the north to south of the state. These buses have A/C and are comfortable, but make stops at any roadside bus stop, so they take longer than the more direct ADO 1st class buses. You can hop on one of these that is going south at any time and buy a ticket to Lemones, the last town before Mahahual on the main highway. From there, there are always taxis waiting that can take you the last half hour drive to Mahahual and the cost for that is $360 MX, about $30 US for a vehicle upto 4 people. For a detailed blog on this trip, check my blog on that subject here.

Caribe, another ADO company, now does three buses each day too, to Chetumal from downtowm Mahahual. Fernando tells me that ADO is planning another once a day bus from Merida at some point still too. This will be a welcome addition as well, as we have been directing people from the US and Canada to fly into that city to see a different and unique slice of Mexico. There you have it. Sooooo easy to get here now, so no more excuses. Hurry too, we’re keepin’ your drinks cold!

See you soon.

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15 Responses to New ADO Bus to From Cancun to Mahahual and Update on all Mahahual Bus and Shuttle Info

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  2. Jean says:

    Hi Steve, Any news on the Merida to Mahahual bus?

    • Hi Jean,
      Good to hear from you! Still no bus to Merida. I’ve been trying to find out if that was still in the plans and of course get no straight answer. My best guess right now is if they do add that, it will be in the late fall, the beginning of high season. They keep saying they are doing a run to Chetumal too, but again, no straight answer on that. If you decide to come into Merida, there are still ways to bus to Mahahual from there, so let me know. Some ways take a little more time and some are a bit more adventurous, catching a small mini-bus for the last leg for example, but it can still be done.

      • Jean says:

        Thanks Steve. We will be traveling from Merida to Mahahual on Monday, Dec. 14th. We are good with Colectivo van travel and the Mayab bus we were on was fine. The Taxi we got in Lemones last December, however, was too adventurous–no shocks, something under the hood releasing eye-watering buning plastic fumes. (The Mahahual taxies we have used have all been great.) I’ll check in closer to travel time if I may. TIA. Jean

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  4. Elisa says:


    Thanks for the useful tips!

    I’ll be in Mahahual at the end of my trip and need to get back to the airport from there on the 23rd of March. I should be st the airport at about 1:00pm, what would you suggest to do in terms of transportation?

    Thank you


    • The direct to the airport ADO bus has been a little shaky in the past. Sometimes the driver will go into the airport, sometimes not??? ADO says they have it fixed and drivers on the way to Cancun, will drop you in the airport now if you 1) buy a ticket to Cancun, and 2) tell the driver before you want to be dropped off and at what terminal. I had a friend do it the other day and he did confirm they droped him in the airport. They did drop him in the wrong terminal, but he was fine. The early bus leaves Mahahual at 7:00 AM and gets to the airport at about 1:00 PM. It gets to Playa usually around 11:30 and it takes an hour to get you to the terminal. You should be able to do that, but give yourself some time. Its Mexico! I just do the bus the day before and enjoy Playa Del Carmen for an evening and then you’ll have lots of time to shuttle from there in the morning. Shuttles go to the airport every hour, all day.

  5. Amanda N. says:


    Thanks for the info! We are arriving into Cancun at 4:30 PM and need to go to Mahahual. We have someone in Mahahual that can pick us up from Limones, but I am trying to figure out how to get to Limones or Mahahual. I have checked the ADO website and I do not see an option from Cancun or Playa del Carmen with a destination to Limones or Mahahual. Do you know if they cancelled those itineraries?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for reading the blog. To get to Mahahual that late, you’ll need to go to Limones and have your friend pick you up there. The bus you’ll need to take from Playa Del Carmen is a Mayab, not an ADO. Same depot and it is the second class line of ADO, so not on the schedule. They are a little older buses but have A/C and are comfortable. They will pick people up though at any roadside stop, so they make more stops and take a little longer. Not much though. From Playa to Limones is about $170 pesos each and takes about 4 hours usually. About $10 US. FYI, the taxi rate, for a small taxi- 3 people, is $360 from Limones to Mahahual, about $22 US and will take you to your friends door if they are in Mahahual. Also, if your flight is early and you are really fast through customs, you can taxi in 45 minutes (about $40 US), about to the Playa ADO station and take the 5:45 ADO to Mahahual. Let me know if that makes sense or you have questions. Cheers!!

  6. Kelly says:

    Hi! Your blog has been very helpful; I just have one question. You mention there is a bus that leaves from Mahahual 3 times a day. I am trying to get from Mahahual to Tulum, however the only ADO bus listed on their website is at 5:00pm (which is too late for our hotel arrival) we need earlier transportation.
    Should I:
    – Buy a ticket to Cancun and get off in Tulum? (will they stop there for me?)
    – Take a Mayab bus from Limones to Tulum.
    – is there another option?
    Thank you!!

    • Hi Kelly. Keeping up with ADOs constant changing schedule has proven impossible over the years. Now, yes, there is only one bus out and that is at 5:00 PM. You will need to catch the Mayab in Limones to Tulum. They go by about every hour but not sure what times. You’ll just have to show up and wait. There is an ADO place there you can wait at. To get to Limones, there are the Caribe sprinters that leave Mahahual every hour or so from Fernando’s store and I think they charge about $60 pesos a person. A taxi from Mahahual to Limones is about $360 pesos, so for more than one, it is usually better to just taxi. Holiday week is a bad time to bus, so be ready for crowded buses. You might even check to see what a taxi will charge to go to Tulum. The official taxi rate to Tulum for a small vehicle is $1600 pesos. Here is a link to their rate sheet. Good luck!

    • Jean Nick says:

      ADO changes schedules frequently and there website is unreliable. Try a Caribe bus (multiple times per day, same bus station as ADO, buy tickets at the bus station in advance, they fill up), a colectivo van (curb near soccor field, ask a local) or a taxi from Mahahual to Limones. From there, grab a local Mayab bus headed north; you may need to change buses in Filipe Carrillo Puerto to get to Tulum, but it’s easy.

  7. ana reyes says:

    Update: I might be able to get mother in law to Cancun by 12:30 or so. Maybe gives us more options if she gets there just after noon?

    • She has to take the ADO airport shuttle to Playa del Carmen first. $19 MX. From there she can wait until 5:30 for the direct ADO bus to Mahahual.$360 MX Gets there about 10:00 PM. Or from Playa, there is a mid-afternoon Mayab bus, I think around 2:45, she can take to Limones. $170 MX From there she can taxi right to her hotel in Mahahual.$360 MX. That will get her into Mahahual around 7:00. I take the Mayab instead of waiting for the direct ADO. Lots of good places to have lunch and wait in Playa around the bus station if she wants to wait on the direct bus to Mahahual.

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