New Two Stop Cancun Airport to Mahahual, Valet Shuttle Service

AGI’s two-stop, airport curb service to Mahahual works very well for large groups or those who just prefer a slower and more relaxed drive down, allowing the group to tailor the trip to meet their needs better than a bus. Stop and do your shopping or even have lunch, no problem. The driver even usually knows the best places for either. When we began looking at transport companies, there were a couple cheaper services but none that would have included stops as we asked and the price difference was very little. It is the stops though, as well as AGI’s proven history for top service, that are the difference between a fun trip and a long grind. A group of 6 can get a vehicle for $75 US per person and the larger the group, the lower the price. A great deal for a 4 hour transport from the airport. Even better with the stops. The local 1st class bus service is about half that per person, but requires bus changes, waits in terminals and the slower stops along the way, none of which allow shopping. For most, the little extra is well worth it!


Here is how their airport service works. When you arrive and emerge from the terminal, your driver will be waiting with a sign that has your name on it. They will have your flight info and there is a monitor outside the drivers can watch, so they know when you will come out. If your flight is delayed, no worry, they know that. Their bus will be parked right there waiting. Quick load up and you’re gone!

AGI w sign                         javier solo

      Typical Airport Greeter                         Javier Gonzalez, Owner of AGI Tours

Once on the road, your driver will make two stops for about an hour each for whatever the guest need. If you want to stop for lunch, there are lots of places along the way. Same for shopping. You can hit a giant super store or an authentic Mayan market. If your meal takes a bit longer, you can be sure your driver knows service is slow in Mexico, so no worry. Same with your other stop. There are several large super stores along the way, so people often want to hit one and before you know it, it has been an hour. Great place to buy coolers, forgotten beach stuff, hit ATMs, buy a week’s supply of munchies and whatever. If the driver is not too far behind, you can usually also get them to make a fast 10 minute leg stretcher at a little Mayan market in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a small city an hour south of Tulum. Of course great fruit and vegetables, but it is the spices that are amazing. All homemade and in little bags and baby food jars. Great stuff.

chedraui        carrillo puerto

Because the service is charter and all the passengers are dropped at the same location, it allows us to provide hotel curbside delivery to downtown Mahahual hotels. There is usually a small extra fee to drop at remote hotels, but depending on the location, it is usually only about $20-$40 more per vehicle.

AGI offers valet service for 2-10 person for $450, 11-14 person for $650, 12-to 16 person vehicle for $750 USD each way. Reservations can be made in advance through Sandals and Skis and can easily be arranged by email with Steve. Send him note, or give him a call on his US line with any questions, with your dates and group size, and he will take care of everything for you. You can also schedule direct with AGI Tours via a toll free 1-877-244-6090 US or Canada


719-387-8115 US or 983-156-0317 MX

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