Update on the Costa Maya Water Park.

There are lots of questions and chatter regarding the new Costa Maya water park, so now that all the delays on the project have been resolved, it is time for an update.

First and foremost, the project is still in the works and ready to start construction, but too late to meet the original opening planned for high season 2014-15, and is instead, now set a year later for 2015-16. The reason for the delay, was after final evaluation of the finished and approved plans, consultants from other large water parks recommended changes to improve traffic flow, water consumption and increase capacity. The developers made the call to delay the project’s start, feeling the changes were in fact worth it in the long run.

larger waterpark

Plans were re-drawn which required a change to the environmental impact statement that the original plan was approved under. This alone took several months because all the variables that make up the equation had changed. Water consumption rates for example were changed for different water propulsion systems, and even more land had to be purchased to make the final equation work. Finally, at the first of May, all the final approvals were complete. New construction contracts had to be drawn to reflect the changes, again causing more delay but it looks like construction should begin in late summer, finally. The revised plan is about 20% larger, with plans for lazy rivers, water slides, zip lines, aquarium and Mayan cultural awareness activities.

The result is that the port has already seen an increase of about 20% over the last two years for the upcoming season and port officials are confident this is just the beginning of what will prove to be a huge increase in cruise ship volume or the next two to three years, as new contracts become available. Other changes at the port, specifically a new more ship friendly arrangement on how ship excursions are done, they feel will be the difference. Given the extra ships we are already seeing, I think they might be right!

Good work Puerto Costa Maya!

Update Sept 8 2015 

The water park construction is coming along nicely so I thought it might be a good time to show some of the work. Below is the latest artist plan view of the park. If you compare it to the original architectural view just above on the original blog, you can see the slightly smaller area the park finished out as after all the plans were adjusted and tweaked. Still a very large area.

waterpark 4

The pyramid in the center is almost done with the structural work complete and the exterior getting there. I think the tower on the right is a slide tower. The wires you see are part of the zip lines that go throughout the park.

waterpark2 (2)

waterpark 5

I think this is also a slide tower.





Zip line tower.


The latest opening date has been pushed back a month to December of this year. The park is really looking good and the town is very excited about the jobs and prestige the project is bringing to the entire Costa Maya area. I’ll update you again when the park opens.


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  1. Mrs Burns says:

    Damn! There went my job for the winter. Whatever will I do?

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