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I often get asked by cruise ship guests, “Are there any hotels here?” And of course I tell them that there are and they are the best kind in some ways. Very small and friendly little places that also fit into the low environmental impact regulations Costa Maya/Mahahual is developed under. Of course, they then ask, ”Well, were are they? I don’t see them.” And they are surprised to find that we have many small boutique hotels right here along the downtown’s beach malecon. They are like small towns on the highway though. If you don’t pay attention, you’ll miss them!

Malecon hotels are on the electrical and telephone grid, not the norm in this part of the world, providing A/C, high speed internet and many modern amenities you would normally not expect to find in such a rustic setting. All are easily accessible by the bus service from Cancun, so you do not even need a car to get around if you stay along the malecon. You can walk or take a $2-3 taxi to anywhere in town. Tourist quality hotel rooms along the malecon range from $75 USD to just over $100 USD per night, with some small cabanas for as low as $30 USD per night.

I do believe the old saying that you get what you pay for and having said that, the two nicest and most expensive rooms in town are the Hotel Quinta Sol and Hotel Caballo Blanco. No worry, the highest rates in Mahahual are still much cheaper than comparable rooms in Cancun or along the Riviera Maya. The Hotel Quinta Sol is one of the malecon’s very nicest. We really can’t say enough about the accommodations at this hotel. Highest quality rooms with elegant decor, large screen TVs and oceanfront balconies. Their beach is set up for both relaxation, as well as fun. Lots of tour companies work out of this area, where along with Quinta Sol Hotel, there is also a Senior Frogs next door with all the beach amenities they have to offer as well. You want a very nice room, right in the middle of the action and on a beautiful stretch of beach, check Quinta Sol.

foto[1]  camere[1]

If you look up “boutique hotel” in the dictionary, I think you’ll find a photo of Hotel Caballo Blanco. If you want to stay right in the heart of town and still not feel crowded, the intimate ambiance of Caballo Blanco is for you. This is a small 8 room hotel that manages to combine Caribbean elegance with rustic charm. From the roof top plunge pool, to the down home feel of Rosie’s Restaurant on the ground floor, Hotel Caballo Blanco is small and friendly enough that before the end of the first day, you know the entire staff by name and they of course know yours.

fachada[1]       pool[2]

Like Quinta Sol, is a great room for the guest who does not mind paying a few extra dollars to get the amenities and quality they want. Their beach is plenty roomy for the small number of rooms they have, so you never are crowded, even when the town is full of cruise ship visitors. If you are wanting the nicest rooms in Mahahual, either Caballo Blanco or Quinta Sol should be your choice.

beach[1]                            DSC01424[1]

Forty Cannons hotel is one the Malecon’s longest running tourist quality hotels. They were one of the first to provide modern amenities, like A/C and internet, in their small 10 room hotel.

40 C front  40 C bedroom

Today, the hotel has grown, providing everything from simple hotel rooms at comparable rates, to luxury apartments, and do so with much of the same staff they started with so many years ago. One of the best run hotels in town and it shows with the quality of their rooms, restaurant and beach club.

40 C beach

A new and different type of beachfront lodging has opened on the Malecon at Blue Bay Cabanas. Located just south of the landmark lighthouse, Blue Bay Mahahual has one of the very nicest beaches, not just in Mahahual, but in all of Quintana Roo. Many times the beach size to guest ratio to keep you from feeling crowded, but also one of the nicest stretches of perfect reef protected sandy beach one could ever possibly enjoy. The cabanas are tiny rustic structures with room only for a queen size bed and its occupants. All have a small porch with seating for 2 that overlooks the ocean.


Restrooms and showers are new and nicely done communal set-ups, with showers and locker areas for storage. For less than $30 a night, guest can feel like they are camping on the beach, without the sand and mosquitos. This is a very cool place if you want to go a bit rustic and be on the malecon.

Blue Bay Malecon   426134_10150652918458476_1166666661_n[1]

These are just a few of the malecon hotels. There are many more equally nice places, like The National Beach Clubs luxury cabanas to the new Hotellito, all the way at the end of the malecon. Check with your concierge for a complete list and even help deciding which place fits best with your plans, budget and transportation. The malecon hotels are the place to stay if you want great beaches and all the amenities of the much larger, expensive and crowded destinations like Cancun. From shopping, to restaurants and all the local activities, guides and services. Big city amenities in a small town ambiance!  Ahhh…Mahahual!

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  1. Mike says:

    Looks like things are looking up as far as lodging goes! Gig ’em Aggies!

  2. Mike says:

    Malecón is a word used in Spanish-speaking countries for a stone-built embankment or esplanade along a waterfront. Sorry, I went to A&M and those big words throw me all the time…had to look it up!

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