El Compadre; A Mahahual/Costa Maya Favorite!

Okay, I’m going to hip you to something that might surprise you. Americans hate tequila! There, I said it. They hate it so much, they salt up, lime ready, knock it down fast, and hurry with the lime whatever you do. That is of course followed up by “the face”. You know what I mean too! Most, since that is how they have seen it drank forever in the movies, assume it must be how to enjoy tequila. More than anything though we have managed to say we love it, not because we can hide the taste in a salty, lime drink like a margarita, a drink I think you could put diesel fuel in and hide the taste, but because, let’s face it, the stuff gets us really drunk. We love the buzz, we love its festive ambiance, but make no mistake about it, Americans really do not love the taste of tequila.

Of course there are a few who will hit me over the head for making such a broad claim and yes, perhaps that might be a bit of an overstatement. Many, including myself, very much enjoy a good tequila. You just have to drink good tequila and that is the catch. Bourbon, vodka, gin, whiskey, take your pick, very few fans of any will tell you that after their first drink of whichever is their prefered poison, they said, “wow, that was really good”. However, bad tequila seems to be much worse than bad bourbon, vodka, gin or whatever. Bad tequila causes “the face”.

Which brings me to El Compadre distilled agave. What is it? Well, it is quickly becoming the preferred spirit in all of Costa Maya, that is what it is! We have been using El Compadre as our “tequila de la casa” at my restaurant since we opened and its popularity seems to be rising fast. I suppose before we say what El Compadre is, it might be easier to explain what it is not. Namely, tequila. Not exactly anyway.

compadre maria y familia  Compadre con dos chicas

Chemically, yes, it is tequila. It is made from 100% agave and the distilling process is that of tequila. However, like Champagne that must be produced from a particular area of France or it can’t be sold as “Champagne” and is usually called sparkling wine instead, agave distilled outside the tequila state of Jalisco, can’t be sold as “tequila”. El Compadre is distilled in the state of Oaxaca, so it is therefore not “tequila” but instead 100% Distilled Agave. A look at the bottle shows that it does not have the word “tequila” on the label. It says 100% Agave and Reposado, but not the word tequila.

Compadre with ship

Having said that, we say, whatever! What El Compadre is actually, is very good tequila. Often it is called “micro-distilled” because the distillery uses new state of the art equipment, technology and science, combined with a more intimate process, producing one of the finest agave spirits of any kind in Mexico these days. It is a “reposado”, which means it has been “rested” in oak barrels for a short duration, usually less than 12 months. The taste has the more smooth flavor preferred by Gringos, who are often overwhelmed by the sometimes powerful flavor of tequila. Because of the more modern production facilities and process used by Licorera Del Sur, the company that produces El Compadre, bottles are remarkably consistent in their flavor, color and aroma. The most consistent of any I have tasted, at any price, from Jalisco or otherwise. And speaking of price, because they are produced outside of Jalisco, they avoid the large domestic and export tequila taxes, making El Compadre as affordable as it is good!

Licorera Del Sur, http://www.licoreradelsur.com  the parent company and producer of El Compadre, produces several high quality spirits with the domestic market as their target customers. Their original business plan was to fill the Mexican market with consistent and high quality spirits, at a price that Nationals can afford. To their surprise, foreign guests visiting here in Mahahual also love their products, especially of course El Compadre. They also produce a complete line that includes, Zaverich Vodka,  Potrero Distilled Agave, Fandango Mezcal, both Anejo and Reposado, and even McAndrews Whiskey.

zaverich bottle  McAndrews bottle

Next time you are in Mahahual, stop into the Tropicante, where you can find the entire line of Licorera Del Sur products and pick up a bottle of El Compadre Distilled Agave. You can’t get it in the US, so you might take two. Your friends will thank you later. Saludos!

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13 Responses to El Compadre; A Mahahual/Costa Maya Favorite!

  1. GatorWayne says:

    I’ll be there in ten days, are you offering free samples? 🙂

  2. Kerri Dempewolf says:

    Ahhhhh Compadre. You’ve inspired me Steve. I just put the bottle in the frig for a couple drinks later. Mr. Burns thanks you!!!!!

  3. sharmaine says:

    Where can I purchase the El Compadre? I brought some in Costa Maya last August and now I’m all out

    • Hi Sharmain. I tried to call but could not get to you??? If you had the bottle since September, you are drinking it to slow! You have to buy Compadre in Mexico. It is not sold outside Mexico. Wal-Mart has the largest contract with that company so if anyone will get it into the US, it will be them. Keep an eye out at Sam’s/Wal-Mart and perhaps plan a trip back to Costa Maya sooner instead of later.

  4. Bobby bane says:

    I want to buy el compadre tequila but don’t know where to find it

    • Hi Bobby. Thanks for reading the blog! Sorry, but El Compadre is not sold in the US. It is not an export spirit. Domestic only. Trying to get someone who lives on the US border to go over and buy it and then bootleg mail it from there and have a few people claiming they will. I’ll keep you posted. I get many people wanting the same thing you are. I think it will be like Coors beer was 40 years ago in the US. Only some areas in the south sold it, and the northerners were bootleging it from there. Might need to do El Compadre the same way. That, or just come down and see us and we’ll load you up for the return trip. Cheers!

    • Chris says:

      I got two bottles el compadre

      • Chris says:

        El compadre is only found in deep south mexico FYI

      • Hi Chris. Check the large grocery stores in the north. The liquor stores often do not have it. A friend bought a case at Sam’s club in Tijuana just the other day and took it back to San Diego.

  5. Brent says:

    I am trying to buy El compadre
    Reposado tequila and I am unable to purchase any. Do you have any suggestions? My email address is Ramsey is 19 tequila and I am unable to purchase any. Do you have any suggestions? My email address is Ramses1956@aol.com and my name is Brent .

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