Great Use Of Median Strips In Mahahual!

I had a flat yesterday while out for a ride and found myself pushing my bike home in the hot sun. Oh lucky me! No really, it was my lucky day. I’ll explain.

As part of the ongoing development of Mahahual, the median strips that run the entire length of the main residential district where I live, Nueno Mahahual, have been finished as wooded, nature walking trails. A great idea and a very welcome one as well, since my casita was several blocks away and the sun was blazing hot. The trail was looking pretty cool and shady, and where I was standing was not, so away I went down the new trail.

Once inside the shaded area, you begin to see the developer’s idea of Nuevo Mahahual
and how it will fill in, with this interesting use of what is often wasted urban space, like a median strip on a road, and turning into a needed and interesting pedestrian way to get around the community. After the town’s original infrastructure was installed years ago, center median strips were built with stone curbs and the area inside was left natural, were the foliage returned as the years passed. This year the medians were just mini-jungles, complete with Iguanas, birds and a variety of plants and trees. The road these median strips were built on is the main boulevard of Nuevo Mahahual and built literally right
down the center of the area and will serve as the main commercial strip for local’s stores and restaurants. Since many people walk to get around the small community, this pedestrian walk, shaded and natural, will become the way most get around the neighborhood, I’m sure. I know I will.

Each median island has a ramped entry and a gravel walk way cut through the jungle
like foliadge. Each  is about 100 yards long and has a log pergola for shade with natural carved log benches to sit in the shade and enjoy the ambiance. Flowers are blooming and the trees are alive with birds and butterflies. It really does make the walk a very enjoyable


The main intersections are done in the glorieta style, or round-abouts, and even those are done up nicely. The high season is here finally and the town is coming back to life. Workers and shop owners are all coming back and this year, they are finding some new improvements the city did over the low season and these new nature walks are one of them. Very nice Mahahual!

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  1. Kerri Dempwwolf says:

    Makes me want to go sit there and people watch. And as we all know Mahahual has it’s full share of characters to watch!!

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